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Poster Timings

All of the posters will be in Studio 3 - by the West Core in the side near Cendana College. We will begin with posters being installed around 1:00PM on Tuesday, November 24. The poster fair begins at 2:30PM and is in two groups. The first group is odd numbered posters, so if your group number is odd, you will be in the room between 2:30PM - 4:00PM. The second group is even numbered posters, who will be in the room between 4:30PM-6:00PM. There will be a break with refreshments at 4:00PM for everyone.

When you are in the room, you will be presenting with your team of four to a rotating crew of professors who will interview you. You should be able to present your poster within about 8 minutes - giving some space for questions. The whole session with the prof should take about 10 minutes. Please check our Grading Rubric for more information on what we are looking for.

In each of the two batches we will have Evolution groups present first - for the first 45 minutes, and Revolution groups present second for the second 45 minutes. The timings of the presentations are nicely summarized on the figure below. The best posters from Evolution and Revolution, as well as a "student choice" poster will be given a fabulous prize at a VIP award ceremony on Wednesday morning, Nov. 25, at 9:30AM.  Good luck!


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