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Poster Grading Rubric

Each poster will be graded by two of the Foundations of Science instructors. They will interview the team in front of the poster, for 10 minutes. During the interview the teaching team will be using this rubric to grade the posters. The poster grade includes a total of 45 possible points from the instructor grade, and 5 points based on peer review of participation and contribution from team members. Below is the grading rubric used by the FOS teaching team.


Poster Number:

Total Points



0 points


3 points


5 points


7 points


9 points

Overall Appearance Poor design/presentation skills interfering with the message Minimal organization that causes some confusion Proper poster with too much or too little detail Great poster with only minor deficiencies Appealing or visually arresting poster that exceeds expectations
Research Question Research question not stated or not appropriate to the Grand Challenge Simple question that fails to captivate the audience Properly formulated question, but an obvious derivative of previous work Good research question, but either too ambitious or not ambitious enough Original research question that can be tackled within the specific timeframe

Solution Design

Very little in terms of plans to answer the research question or provide a technical solution Incomplete design or fanciful diagrams that do not directly tackle the research question Experimental design, which might not be able to address all the research questions Well thought of experimental design, which might not be feasible in the timeframe given Comprehensive experimental design that is feasible and offers a novel approach
Scientific Literacy Little scientific explanation or no references listed Only the most basic science evoked or major errors in description Proper use of diverse reference sources with only minor errors Good and accurate descriptions with primary references and proper figures Excellent command of scientific concepts and captivating figures
Time Management Less than 4 min. or much more than 6 min. long initial presentation Presenters had to rush to finish within 6 min. or gave very winded answers Good use of the time, but had to be prompted on several occasions Effective use of time, but some people spoke too much or not at all Used the 10 minutes effectively with all members contributing equally




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