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Posters and Visual Information

On this page we will include helpful information about how to create your poster, and how to display information in a compelling and graphically interesting way.

One of the masters of this is Edward Tufte - you can see his web site with wonderful examples of effective graphics. The inset below is the classic portray of Napoleon's March where the thickness of the line shows the number of his troops. Tufte gives this as a classic example of a graphic that conveys useful quantitative information in an easily grasped and artistic way.


The SI class is also designing posters - this web site was recommended as a source of excellent information and guidelines on creating effective posters:


Our FOS class on November 6 used this Powerpoint Presentation (created by A. Monteira). How to Make a Poster (PDF).

For printing the posters - please upload your PDF files to our Canvas site before midnight on Friday, Nov. 20.

Our posters will be displayed in the Studio 3 by the Performance Hall. The posters will be "A0" sized - which amounts to a dimension of 84 by 118 cm. These should be professional-style printed posters - which require them to be printed on large format printers, after creating a PDF file from one of your favorite graphics programs (Photoshop, Powerpoint, InDesign are a few that produce good results). Generally portrait orientation fits better in our space, but the landscape orientation should work also.

If the posters are uploaded to Canvas by midnight on Friday, Nov. 20, we will print them for you and bring them to the Studio 3. If you can't make that deadline then we will ask you to print them yourself at one of these vendors who are very experienced. The vendor web sites are below:


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