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Questions and Responses

For Revolution the question is to:

"Design a new disruptive technological innovation that can be used to deal with one of the consequences of global climate change."

These effects include but are not limited to:

1). An increased incidence of disasters such as typhoons, floods, etc.

2). Disaster management, logistics, infrastructure, communications, etc.

3). Reduction of carbon emission and other greenhouse gasses

4). New sources of clean energy

5). Management of resources critical to survival such as air, water, food and others.

For Evolution our question is:

"What are some likely future adaptations of organisms and communities to the anthropocene?"

The anthropocene includes the entire range of effects that humans are exerting on our planet. Your answer might be a well-designed research study designed to study and perhaps mitigate these effects:

1). Biogeography, biodiversity and numbers of individual organisms in the environment.

2). The effects of lost habitats and altered environments on organisms as they adapt to these effects.

3). The ways in which slowly rising sea levels and increasing temperatures might cause changes in architecture and urban planning.

4). The gradual chemical changes in our environment from pollutants and other contaminants, and how these might alter the health and longevity of people and animals.

5). The ways in which reducing water supplies and human settlement patterns might alter agriculture, animal migrations and distributions.



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